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This guide assumes you have git installed. If not enter the following in a Terminal Window

sudo apt-get install git

Terminal installation:

Start Terminal, SSH, or Telnet into Ubuntu/XBMCLive (You can simply press CTRL+F2 and login with your user details)

For SSH:
ssh -l username hostname
  • Install Apache and php5 and php5-curl
sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 php5-curl
  • Clone the Git Repository to the required directory (XBMCLive = /var/www)
sudo git clone git:// /var/www/mediafrontpage
  • Ensure file permissions allow web server to write to the folder (eg. use chown)
sudo chown -R www-data:your_username /var/www/mediafrontpage
  • In case you need write-access with your own user too for editing files or git pulls (retrieving updates) enter this:
sudo chmod -R 774 /var/www/mediafrontpage
  • To update Mediafrontpage make sure you did the step above and:
cd /var/www/mediafrontpage && git pull


Create a cache for Sickbeard's images to help speed things up

  • Create a folder named sbpcache
sudo mkdir /var/www/sbpcache
  • Give MediaFrontPage write permissions to the Cache folder
sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/sbpcache


With the host set up, it's time to test drive your fresh install. Open your web browser┬║ and go to the link (described below). You should be met with the Settings page or "First Run" screen that will check your setup (PHP, LibXML, cURL, your config and layout files, etc.) and if there are any errors it will let you know so you can fix it, if all goes well, click "Continue" and you'll be greeted with the main page.


┬║ MFP recommends using Firefox or Google Chrome

For an in-depth guide to installing XBMCLive on an Acer Revo please visit MFP_Revo_Install.
Guide originally written by DejaVu on March 3, 2011, with Wiki Conversion and Notes provided by Archigos.

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