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Short Description: Open Source Binary Newsreader
Written/Programmed in: Python
Abbreviation: Sab



Internet on Host System

SabNZBd "Host" System

Computer running SabNZBd can be Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. (Does NOT have to be the same system as MediaFrontPage's host)


Sab's Web Interface can be utilized by MediaFrontPage

Host Install


Mac OS X


SabNZBd Configuration

After following the guide above to install Sab, it's better to have it configured properly before accessing via MediaFrontPage.

Basic Configuration

These instructions includes settings to allow better integration with SickBeard, Couch Potato and Headphones. The instructions for these applications assume the setup as described in here

After installing SABnzbd you should configure it. To access open your preferred web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/. This will present you with the Landing Page. Select your language and click Start Wizard. Here you will be asked to enter your server details. Fill in the details for your preferred usenet provider and click test server. If everything is successful click next.

Here is where you will configure how you would like like to access the application. I recommend allowing SABnzbd to be viewable from any PC, but also to enter a username and password. As a good practice try to avoid using "admin" or "root" as the username, and allow at least 7 characters (including at least one number) as the default port is quite common. If you would like to see the page when SABnzbd starts tick the box, otherwise click next

On page 3, you may enter in your Newzbin and credentials. For NZBMatrix you will need a paid VIP membership to get access to the API key. As this is only a once off fee and utilised by several other applications a VIP membership is highly recommended. Do not enable Automatically download bookmarked posts at this time in case you want to change any of your SABnzbd+ folder locations.

Click next and make a note of the links, the click on go to SABnzbd.

Bug Reporting

Please visit the publisher's site listed at the top of this page for their support links.

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