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XBMC Constellation

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This page requires updating, please be aware some of the following info may no longer be relevant.

Homepage: http://fss.cc/constellation/
Short Description: An iOS remote control application for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad
Current Version: 1.9.1 (as of writing Feb. 03, 2012)
Available from iTunes AppStore
Note: All 'media' images within the screenshots on this page were created via fake files or movie trailers for demonstration purposes.


Paraphrased From iTunes:
XBMC Constellation is an unofficial remote control designed for speed and simplicity. Control your XBMC Host with a simple and intuitive remote so you can browse your video library like never before.

  • Library Support for Movies, Music, and TV Shows
  • Remote Control via Buttons or Gestures
  • Support for certain Scripts
    • All Scripts below must be installed and configured properly to work
      • Cinema Experience - Hold Play button for 2 seconds to activate
      • TVTunes - Play the TV Shows theme song in XBMC (and/or Constellation)
      • YouTube Search - Search YouTube on your iDevice and playback in XBMC
      • XBMC Subtitles
  • Create shortcuts to most used Add-ons - iPad version



Correctly configured home network with XBMC running on one or more systems.

Constellation Requirements

An iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) running iOS 5.x or higher.

XBMC Requirements

XBMC Dharma (10.1) or the latest beta of XBMC Eden (11)
Dharma is currently the latest 'final' version of XBMC while Eden is currently in its second 'beta phase'. Since Eden has moved past the 'alpha phase' it is recommended to use the latest beta with Constellation to gain the added functionality that is missing in Dharma.
You can download the desired version from the XBMC File Mirror or for Apple TV2, please update all dependencies before installing via Nito-tv on Front Row. You can follow these instructions to install via command line.

Installation instructions

Detailed installation instructions can be found here

Purchase Information

There are 'three' versions of Constellation; all within the same downloaded file.

Free Version

If you are new to Constellation you can use the link above to download the free version from iTunes and use it with no time restrictions. The free version however does contains iAds (Apple's version of embedded advertisement links) at the bottom of the screen and support for XBMC Plug-ins is locked (unusable).

iPhone Pro

If you want to support the developer and only have/want access to the pro version on an iPhone or iPod Touch you can purchase the discounted "Pro Version" for $0.99 USD from within the app. This purchase removes the ads at the bottom of the screen and unlocked the ability to use XBMC Plug-ins (The 'jigsaw' looking button).

Universal Pro

This is also known as the iPad Version
This version, like above, removes the ads and unlocks the Plug-ins, but because it is meant mainly for the iPad, the price is slightly higher at $4.99 USD. However, if you purchase the $4.99 Pro version, it not only upgrades the iPad version, but the one on your iPhone/iPod Touch as well. There is no need to purchase "iPhone Pro" after purchasing this version.

Restoring Purchase

If you have purchased the "Universal Pro" version on your iPad and wish to unlock the Pro version on your iPhone/iPod Touch, you just have to sync the app to your iPhone (make sure it's associated with the same "Apple ID" as the iPad) and touch "Go Pro". From this screen you want to touch "Restore Purchase" and it should upgrade automatically. There's a possibility than when you select "Restore Purchase" it may ask if you want to purchase this app, just press OK and you will NOT be charged a second time (this is apparently an issue with Apple's "In App Purchases"). If the ads still appear but you did not receive an error, force close the app and restart it, they should be gone now.


This section will be updated shortly, Archigos and Burbulence are scanning through the thread on XBMC's Forums to determine which parts to highlight and still need to make more screen shots of the relevant areas.

Trouble Shooting

See comment above under "Features"
There is a YouTube video demonstrating how to set up Constellation available here as well as a Facebook page here. But for the best support, please visit the XBMC Constellation thread and be sure to read through the thread in case your problem has already been addressed. If all else fails, PM Archigos on XBMC Forums and use "Constellation Support" in the subject line.


All frequently asked questions can be found here

Bug Reporting

If you think you have found a bug in Constellation, please report it here.
For both Troubleshooting and Bug Reporting, please make sure to include the following information in your post:

  • Version of Constellation
  • What device you're running Constellation on?
  • Version of XBMC
  • What Operating System/device is XBMC running on?
  • If possible, steps to reproduce the error.

Bug Example

While I was using Constellation... blah blah blah...
Constellation 1.9.1 on iPad (1st Gen Wifi)
XBMC Eden (Beta 2) running on Windows 7 (64bit)
It appears you can reproduce this error by doing the following: Whatever steps you would do to cause the error.

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