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Welcome to the "Everything HTPC" Wiki. It's our hope that with the help of the community, in time this wiki will cover most of your HTPC needs. This site is centered around XBMC and MediaFrontPage as well as third party apps to make the most of them.


Logo xbmc.png For those that do not recognize Zapy (left),
he was created by XBMC user 'da-anda'
in their logo contest Summer 2011.
You can read more here.
XBMC Tutorials
Logo windows.png Logo mac.png Logo linux.png
Microsoft Windows Tutorials Apple Macintosh Tutorials Linux Tutorials

HTPC Applications

MediaFrontPage / Maraschino Related
Mfp.png Maraschino.png
CouchPotato.png HeadPhones.png JDownloader.png SabNZBd.png SickBeard.png SubSonic.png TVHeadend.png Transmission.png UTorrent.png
Non-MediaFrontPage Related

Remote Control Apps


XBMC Commander.png XBMC Constellation.png XBMC Remote Control.png
XBMC Commander XBMC Constellation XBMC Remote Control


Coming Soon



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