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Short Description: A web based 'front-end' allowing control of HTPC related software
Written/Programmed in: PHP with cURL
Abbreviation: MFP



Correctly configured home network with two or more computers (devices)
XBMC running on one or more systems on the network

MediaFrontPage "Host" System

Computer running MFP can be Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X, as long as it has a correctly configured "wp:localhost" running PHP and the PHP_Curl extension. See #Host Install section for more information.

MediaFrontPage Supplements

MFP was created to 'bring together' multiple applications, these can be hosted on the same system as MFP or another within the same local network. See individual applications page for more information.


MFP can utilize the following applications (possibly more in the future):

Host Install

Linux/Mac OS X/Unix


MediaFrontPage Install



CSS "Skins"

MFP Skin original.jpg
Black Glass Modern
MFP Skin black modern glass.jpg
Credit XBMC Member - DejaVu
MFP Skin dpickles.jpg
Credit XBMC Member - DPickles
MFP Skin hernadito.jpg
Credit XBMC Member - Hernandito
Light Theme
MFP Skin lighttheme.jpg
Minimal Banners
MFP Skin minbanners.jpg
Minimal Posters
MFP Skin minposters.jpg

Bug Reporting

This project is always being updated by like minded individuals and in this collaborative environment bugs can (and will) exist. If you find a bug that you believe is directly related to MediaFrontPage (and not one of the other applications) please post at our Lighthouse Tickets Page. When posting a bug report please have the following information available if possible to ease in tracking the issue down:

  • Operating System
  • Web Server used (Apache, IIS, etc.)
  • PHP Version
  • Screenshots if possible

If requested to post your config.php (in whole or in part) please remember to remove ALL Usernames, Passwords, API Keys like below:

     $GLOBAL_MACHINE    = true;
     $GLOBAL_USER_PASS  = true;
     $GLOBAL_IP         = '192.168.X.X';
     $GLOBAL_USER       = 'REMOVED';
     $GLOBAL_PASS       = 'REMOVED';
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